venerdì 17 ottobre 2014


When I found this post in my mailbox I couldn't prevent myself from sharing it with you all. One of my favorite architecture sites Remodelista published this tiny but wonderfully divided apartment where little space doesn't necessarily mean clutter, no bookshelves, no playing areas for the kids and no great parties with your friends. This family has got everything, even in a small apartment. Here every single furniture has been conceived to accomplish different usages. Plywood is the absolute protagonist. Just think about how many things you can achieve with this pretty but poor material. It is versatile and elegant at the same time. I really enjoyed looking at this nice small appartment. Hope you enjoy it too. Have a wonderful week-end!

mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014


In this time of the year I have always been a fan of neutrals but I am finding out I am a little too monochromatic lately. I am always putting my camel trench, white little jacket or grey blouses. I don’t think I have been more neutral addicted than this year. Of course, I am happy about it. I grew up with a mom that is still very fond of neutrals. They just look great on every one and whatever complexion you have. They are just  timeless and I never get tired of these colors, in fashion and interior.

venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

ROOM OF THE WEEK - Neutrals everywhere

This week's room is all about mixing neutrals. Golden frames, leather chairs and carpets, glass tables and dark hued blinds, not to mention the beautiful warm hardwood floors. Is this living airy, spacious and charming? Have a great week-end!

mercoledì 8 ottobre 2014

Italian style - Lusso italiano

When it comes to Italian luxury apartments there is always something that catches the eye, the perfect mix of modern, contemporary and classic pieces of furniture. It is the Italian secret for a perfect blend of different elements in interior design. Italian appartaments are real treasure containers. In every house you will find a piece of furniture belonging to the past, carrying a history of its own, the history of the family or the past ages and generations. It is this very special feature that I adore and love about Italian apartments. Today I want to share with you a luxury Milan attic apartment, divided in different spaces and ambiences where modern and classical forms give birth to a unique Italian style. Enjoy!

lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

Autumn moodboard

Hello there! This year's autumn palette to me is neutral grey with leather and dark cherry, burgundy touches. I find those combinations timeless and extremely elegant. Some colors never go out of fashion and to me fashion is not about fanatically following trends but following my personal taste. It may sound a little bit pretentious but I am partly influenced by trends, although even the most indifferent person in the world, when it comes to fashion trends inevitably gets inspired by them. Hope you enjoy and have a great day!

martedì 30 settembre 2014

Small Scandinavian apartment - Piccolo appartamento scandinavo

Hello there! I have been so busy lately and haven't had a minute for my lovely readers. with a family and a kid September is just about organizing and juggling different things, from work to child's needs. I had to find a babysitter, carry on some other Diying activity in my apartment. It still needs a lot of work and I can't say when I will be able to post some decent pictures of the living or the bedroom. I wish it looked like this one I am posting today. It is a small Scandinavian apartment, where spaces are perfectly divided and organized. It is all in one space. A kitchen in the corner and a bedroom encompassed in the living and caged into a beautiful glass box. Isn't it wonderful? Have a great day!

mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Greece blue - Pictures from a Holiday

As promised here I am with a series of pictures shot on the Zakynthos Island with my 1.5 mpixel Android. Would you believe it? I haven't photoshoped the pictures, (don't know how to use the program) so just please have a look at the shades of blue and emerald sea of Greece. On our last day in Zakynthos we met a very nice Canadian couple who were traveling on this super refurbished boat. They had been on every wonderful coast of Europe and we had a nice chat with them. It wasn't a yacht, (yachts are oh yes, wonderful, but sometimes owned by not so wonderful people) and that's why this laid back but still so elegant and superpatriotic boat captured my attention. Besides, the man on it looked like Hemingway. He was the owner, who cheerfully invited us for a chat. That was one of the most interesting encounters I made on the isle.
 This is a view of the coasts surrounding the island, while doing the Zakynthos Tour of the Blue caves which is a mini cruise on a wonderful vintage boat.

 This is the Kalamaki beach where we stayed. We had a wonderful view of two isles Pelusi and Marathonissi, two little island. Have an attentive look at Marathonissi. It has the shape of a turtle. The island is very fond of the Caretta Caretta turtles, a rare species of turles living here and in Sicily. 

Crystal beach, my favorite Kalamaki restaurant.

And of course, apart from the English abundant breakfasts and Greek salands (which were a real problem for my Italian husband) we loved the mussaka.

Being there with a three and something year little boy, we had our fair share of Disneyland.

 And these are some of the heavenly pictures of the Greek sea and the Blue Caves.

The shipwreck. The beach is white and the water of the sea is pure, TRANSPARENT and really BLUUUUUUUEEEEEEE

My little boy!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be off for two weeks or so! See you in September! Have a gret time!

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